Frequently asked questions

What is Mixed Waste?

It is widely accepted that hospital waste equates to clinical waste and must be disposed of accordingly at an alarming cost to the NHS and associated trusts. Once this premise is challenged a very high proportion of this waste is made up of two types of non-hazardous waste types: • 18-01-04 - Wastes whose collection and disposal is not subject to special requirements in order to prevent infection • 20-03-01 - Municipal Solid Waste • NOT appropriate to re-classify the output as a 19 code but will remain dual coded as an 18 01 04 and a 20 03 01 waste The Standard Industrial Classification of economic activities classifies Hospital activities under the coding 86.10. The CliniWaste approach • Pre-sort the Hospital waste at source allowing the waste to be dual consigned • Additional controls in place with assurance e.g. adopted audit and education regimes • Dispose of non-hazardous waste bags together (segregated and pre-sorted prior to disposal in a mixed waste compactor, for final disposal at local waste to energy incineration plant) The CliniWaste approach and ideology is a far more effective and practicable way of controlling Hospital waste at source. This approach makes sense by creating both leaner operations and waste costs in addition to all the risk being controlled and mitigated prior to disposal.

What is CliniWaste?

It provides the first critical step to ensure that waste is segregated compliantly and safely, following the most cost effective disposal route. Staff are empowered to use their own professional judgement in deciding the status of patients, therefore identifying the correct waste disposal pathway in conjunction with the CliniSolutions 'Bag to Bed'®️ and electronic, internal audit performance management system.

What is Blended Learning?

Blended Learning is a term to describe our bespoke education solution, which combines:

Bite Sized Learning

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Learning Environments


Face to Face

Dynamic QR Codes

Training Videos

Will any software installation be required?

There is no software installation required, only an internet connection and web browser.

Can I access the e-learning on my phone or tablet?

Yes, our e-learning is accessible on any internet connected device. We do however recommend the use of tablets for mobile devices due to larger screen size.

Is it possible to record offline training?

Yes, absolutely. The CliniSolutions Learner Management System (LMS) has the capability to upload offline assessments, and training records.

Will I recieve support?

CliniSolutions provide full support via remote desktop, online, email and telephone. In addition, we are more than happy to provide onsite support.

How do I contact you?

Please contact us from the contact page or email us at:

How much will your services cost?

As all of our services are personalised to your needs, it would be difficult to provide an accurate cost online. As such, please contact us for your personalised quote.

Is your e-learning user friendly?

CliniSolutions e-learning has been developed to be user friendly, fully customisable and can be deployed across multiple sites within your organisation, allowing you to effectively control and monitor the delivery of training on a site by site basis. Managers can be assigned at both global and site levels to align with your current training processes.

Is my data secure?

Gold Standard Security

CliniSolutions is powered by the OCB Media HELM LMS, which conforms to the best industry standards with respect to data security.

Our baseline security features are as follows:

  • Hosted by AWS, industry leaders in cloud hosting.
  • Servers are compliant with ISO 270001.
  • Database can be isolated and/or encrypted for added security.
  • Data only exists on database server and developers' machines.
  • Developer machines are encrypted, password protected and run up to date firewalls/virus protection.
  • All web traffic between browsers and the HELM servers are encrypted under TLS 1.2.

OCB Media is certified by the HM Government Cyber Essentials scheme.



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