CliniSolutions Products

CliniSolutions strive to provide the most innovative solutions available, whilst remaining bespoke and flexible for our customers.

The CliniSolutions bag dispenser and education station provides the ultimate flexibility with its 3 different designs and modular construction, which provides the footprint for additional education materials and stacking where required.

CliniSolutions Mobile Tablet

The CliniSolutions mobile tablet provides bite sized learning 'on the go' fully loaded with customised education materials, our CliniDirect waste performance management software and your own bespoke laser etched stainless steel plaque on the reverse.

Isolation Waste Procedure Board

The CliniSolutions isolation waste procedure board offers the option for an integrated reversible gloss laminated poster provided by the robust aluminium snap frame construction. The posters are tailored to your requirements.

CliniSolutions Bag Holder

The CliniSolutions bag holder provides safely and securely holds your waste bag. 

CliniSolutions Hard Copy Education Materials

CliniSolutions offer a wide range of hard copy eduction materials, all of which can be personalised to meet your needs and upgradable to ensure that the information remains up to date. This is possible through the use of industry leading foamex boards, exterior grade labels, upgrade kits, installation tools and customised accessories.



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