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“It's our goal to deliver sustainable benefits to the healthcare sector, achieving a cleaner, safer, patient environment and experience, along with financial savings associated with the improved segregation of waste.”

SWITCH Waste achieved the UK's first mixed waste opportunity with


This includes the pre-sorted, non- hazardous wastes (20-03-01 and 18-01-04) to be segregated at wards and departments and transported internally in separate colour coded 770l waste bins and mixed in the same compactor for dual coding and onward disposal to the local waste to energy incineration plant.


SWITCH Waste is an innovative waste initiative providing the first critical step to ensure that waste is segregated compliantly and safely. Staff are empowered to learn and improve their understanding of waste management using the blended learning approach. This provides the confidence to use their own professional judgement in deciding the status of patients, therefore identifying the correct waste disposal pathway.


CliniSolutions work with your healthcare facility with an open approach to innovation to provide you with a flexible and sustainable ecosystem to continuously improve efficiencies. This works seamlessly with the CliniSolutions 'Bag to Bed'® and cloud based performance management systems.

The SWITCH Waste Challenge

Challenge yourself on what could be saved, by using the SWITCH Waste Savings Calculator to work out the potential savings for your hospital!

CliniSolutions Efficiencies Survey

The first steps for SWITCH Waste include an onsite survey to capture all of the required information, including the current waste practices, education, creation and disposal of wastes and the pathways they follow to develop a personalised proposal. 

Also, all of the projected financial savings, installation options and benefits from installing this exciting new approach to waste management will be highlighted.

Our CliniSolutions Efficiencies Survey costs are deducted from your installation costs!

Don't delay, contact us below to arrange your survey today!



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